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I post mostly things that were a part of my childhood, video games, Manga, Anime, dogs and cats, weird shit from the internet, and also my friends.

Sorry if that's not your kinda jazz.

Tyler, 20, Sophomore Game Programmer at Champlain College

allieumble asked:

That is false. I do know you and I think the same.

See, this lady is crazy, everyone. She’s got the case of the I look in the mirror and think it’s someone else syndrome.

This time she thinks her reflection is me.

Also she isn’t very tall right meow.


this week’s hair color is brought to you by sunsets after a week of rain in june

Anonymous asked:

Why can't you take a compliment, I think you're pretty great

Because I’m not any of those things, trust me. If you knew me you’d think differently.

Anonymous asked:

My god you are so stinking cute

mostly just stink though. I don’t know where you got the cute part.

Anonymous asked:

But really you're pretty

That’s one real fabrication. I put on glitter just once.

that is terrifying STOP

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thjis is still one of my favorite smash videos

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cats give no fucks


cats give no fucks

rin trying to get a new job B)

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Anonymous asked:

I'm pretty or something

You certainly are.